NICHOLS: You are the Commander in Chief

April 2, 2009

Pyle Center, Madison, Wisconsin

John Nichols speaks at the April 2, 2009, teach-in, "You are the Commander in Chief." This event was one of a series of five events launching Wisconsin"s National Guard campaign. See:

John Nichols says "You are the Commander in Chief" from Liberty Tree on Vimeo.

John Nichols, the author of seven books on politics and the media, writes about electoral politics and public policy for The Nation magazine. He is a contributing writer for The Progressive and In These Times and the associate editor of the Capital Times, the daily newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin. He is President of the Liberty Tree Foundation. His articles have appeared in the The Guardian in London, New York Times, Chicago Tribune and dozens of other newspapers.

A specialist in constitutional issues relating to elections and presidential accountability, Nichols is the author of the book The Genius of Impeachment (The New Press), which has been featured on Bill Moyers Journal and hailed by Rolling Stones' Tim Dickinson as the best of the many books written on presidential accountability. Nichols is, as well, the author of a critically-acclaimed analysis of the Florida recount fight of 2000, Jews for Buchanan (The New Press) and a best-selling biography of Vice President Dick Cheney, Dick: The Man Who is President (The New Press), which has recently been published in French and Arabic. He edited Against the Beast: A Documentary History of American Opposition to Empire (Nation Books), of which historian Howard Zinn said: "At exactly the time when we need it most, John Nichols gives us a special gift--a collection of writings, speeches, poems, and songs from throughout American history--that reminds us that our revulsion to war and empire has a long and noble tradition in this country."